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Sunday, July 25, 2004


Potstickers.  Gyoza.  Dumplings.   Whatever they are called, they are good.  The come in all shapes and sized.  Chinese potstickers are separated into Northern and Southern style.  Northern style has them shaped elongated with meat packed solidly together.  Southern style has them short and plump with a mix of pork and vegetables to leave the meat tender and moist.   My dad makes my favorite kind, the Southern style types.   He uses store bought wrappers then uses a rolling pin to thin them out.  His filling is a mix of pork, green onions, napa, large bak-choy, and eggs.  He seasons it with salt, pepper and a bit of sugar.  Once they are shaped he places them in a pan coated with oil and top with enough water so it covers the potstickers half way.  The water steams them and the oil makes the outside crisp. 

The hot potstickers are delicious eaten by themselves or dipped in the condiment of choice:  chili sauce, Worcester sauce, vinegar, vinegar/soy sauce/chili, or vinegar/soy sauce.

There is no picture because I ate them all before I remembered to take a snapshot.  :(


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