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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fried chicken.

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For some reason I was craving fried chicken and I remembered my roommate from college made it for dinner once.  I don't really remember her recipe, so I called her.   While we chatted briefly, I could hear one of her little twin girls crying for her.  My mind started recalling the the number of times I encountered pregnant women or women with small children today.  In the morning, I saw my co-worker who is expecting.  During lunch I went for a walk and saw the same pregnant woman twice.  When I went to the gym (something I don't do often enough), I watched two back to back episodes of Friends with either Rachel or Phoebe in the delivery room.  It seemed to be an omen of sorts when my old college roommate and I talked about people having kids.  Wow.  I was a bit weird for me or my brain was a little to empty so I decided to indulge in a little omen theory.  How it applies to me, eludes me.  The only way I would be expecting a bundle of joy is through immaculate conception for now.   

Away from babies to the main course of fried chicken.  The recipe calls for dried parsley flakes and garlic salt to be mixed into some all-purpose flour.  Set the mixture aside and scramble an egg.  Chop chicken wings into three pieces.  Discard the tips if desired.  Dip the chicken pieces into the egg then coat with the flour mixture.  Fry the chicken into oil.

Because I forgot the proportions, my chicken needed salt.  After a bit of salt and champagne, all tasted good.  Yup, I had champagne with my chicken.  I had the stuff in the fridge so I decided to open the bottle and enjoy my dinner.


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